Executive Director's Report

The Kronkosky Charitable Foundation is pleased to report on its year ended December 31, 2013. The Foundation serves residents of Bandera, Bexar, Comal, and Kendall counties in Texas by awarding grants across the wide range of charitable purposes summarized in the Foundation's Program Guidelines. During 2013, 143 grants totaling $15.4 million were approved for 126 non-profit organizations covering all four counties in the service area of the Kronkosky Charitable Foundation.  These grants are made possible by the remarkable generosity of the Kronkoskys. Our communities are fortunate to benefit from the dedicated work done by thousands of caring staff and volunteers who carry out the missions of numerous non-profit agencies that serve our communities in so many areas of need. The organizations we fund are valued partners in the work of the Foundation.


Grants in Honor of

Albert Kronkosky, Jr. and Bessie Mae Kronkosky


From inception through December 2013, the Foundation has made grants totaling $203 million. The impact of the generosity of the Kronkoskys on the area nonprofit community has been simply tremendous. The Foundation honors each of its founders annually by making an unsolicited, unrestricted grant in their honor to a nonprofit previously supported by the Foundation.

In May 2013, the Children’s Advocacy Center of Comal County received a $50,000 grant in honor of Mr. Albert Kronkosky, Jr. in support of its operations. The Center serves over 250 children annually in conducting objective forensic interviews of abuse allegations and by coordinating medical and mental health examinations and working with law enforcement agencies.  


In December 2013, SAY SI received $50,000 in honor of Mrs. Bessie Mae Kronkosky. SAY SI is a nationally recognized program that provides visual, media and theatrical arts education to San Antonio youth who are trained by local artists. The participating youth must maintain their academic standing to continue in the program and most go on to college. In addition, SAY SI has an outreach program in which it students provide art programs in agencies serving at-risk youth.


Precious Minds, New Connections
The Precious Minds, New Connections Initiative continues to be the major focus of the Foundation and is the largest privately funded initiative that focuses on parents and young children in Bexar and surrounding counties. The objective of the Precious Minds, New Connections (PMNC) Initiative is to help parents understand the importance of the first three years of life when their child’s brain is developing so rapidly.  Parents are exposed to information and skills that help maximize their child’s potential during this critical time – with the greatest focus being placed on the nurturing relationship between parent and child.  Ultimately, we hope to have a positive effect on every family with a young child in our service area.

The Foundation funded 20 parenting education programs during 2013 with funding of approximately $3.2 million.  Partner agencies are equipped with everything from parent educators, meals, childcare, incentives and data management services.  The programs include both site-based and home visitation services. See the Precious Minds, New Connections section of this Website for more information on this important initiative of the Foundation.

A unique aspect of this Initiative is the ongoing training and networking that the Foundation supports.  Early on we engaged the agency partners in collaborative meetings at several levels:  program management meetings and Forums for all parent educators.  It was clear then and still is today that the energy and power that is both created and harnessed by bringing these knowledgeable individuals together is necessary for program sustainability.  Program managers meet together ten times per year and all parent educators meet on a quarterly basis.  In 2013, we hosted three Parent Educator Forums and provided top-notch training in areas that the PMNC grantees indicated in their grant application as topics of great interest.  The first Forum, with featured speaker, Ms. Khadijat Quadri, focused on the role of culture in the family, child development and interpersonal relationships as adults. The second Forum was a top-notch overview with up-to-datei information on child development with sessions specifically dedicated to physical, speech/language, social and emotional development and was presented by Ms. Ann Coldwater.  The third Forum, presented by Lynda Cavazos, was a lively presentation on the role of play in child development and included an afternoon of toy-making with simple objects that may be found around the home.  We want to thank McKenna Systems for allowing us to use its facility for all three of our Parent Educator Forums.

In addition to the Parent Educator Forums, all parent educators participate in the Diversity Conference in March that is held in conjunction with the Jewish Community Center (this served as our fourth Forum).  Program Managers and at least one parent educator from each agency also had the opportunity to attend conferences that were held in San Antonio:  Prevent Child Abuse Texas in March and Zero to Three National Conference in December.  These were excellent opportunities for PMNC managers and educators to learn from leaders in the field and share with them our own success.  In addition, PMNC Program Managers attended the Congress on Children in September. 

It was an extremely busy year for learning within our group as well as teaching others.  As a result of our expertise, three of our parent educators were presenters at the Diversity Conference in 2013 and a program session at the Prevent Child Abuse Texas 2014 has been accepted and will be presented in March 2014.

We are now embarking on a new phase of greater outreach.  We have launched a Facebook page (please “like” us at Precious Minds, New Connections on Facebook).  Information about what is happening in San Antonio that supports young children, information about each partner PMNC agency and parenting tips are planned for the page.  We want our Facebook page to become the “go to” page for parents of young children in San Antonio.

The Precious Minds, New Connections Initiative

includes grant making in the area of parenting education as well as funding other programs within the community that promote early brain development of infants and toddlers. We suggest that non-profit agencies active in every program area of the Foundation consider how their work affects early childhood development. We anticipate funding early childhood programs in museums, parks, libraries and other areas. We hope this initiative will help put our service area on the leading edge of developing child-centered communities.


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